Choosing artwork to enhance your home or business environment can sometimes present a problem for those of us without the experience or expertise of a design specialist. Art is a very personal subject to many people. When it comes to enhancing your home it becomes a reflection of your personality and that of other family members who inhabit that environment. One thing that sets us apart from each other and gives others a window into our individuality is the “wall furniture” that we surround ourselves with.

Artwork can take many forms. Traditional ideas such as Original oil paintings, Watercolors, Photography, Posters, and framed fine art prints are available everywhere from discount stores to Custom Frame Shops and Gallery’s. More interesting, are 3-D sculptures, framed objects, and sports memorabilia. Then there are even more one-of-a-kind, totally custom collectable items usually created in Custom frame shops, such as coins between glass, signed hole in one golf balls, signed guitars in plexi-glass boxes, and an endless array of highly personal items that can be mounted and put on display.

Occasionally we have the impulse to purchase art that strikes a sentimental chord within us. This often occurs when we are on vacation and our mind has the opportunity to expand itself beyond our normal everyday routines. Artwork acquired in this way and Custom Framed to match your décor can bring about fond memories every time you view them. Similarly, some who are camera shutterbugs will frame individual images or do custom framed collages of photos of people, places or things that put a smile on your face every time you see them.

Modern Technology has now made amateur artists and photographers out of many of us with the new digital revolution in cameras and home printers that can rival anything professional of just a few years ago. Almost all printers come with software to enhance your imagery in an infinite variety of ways. Even more exciting are the large format digital printers that can print directly onto canvas. This enables the average person to put their photographic memories on high quality canvas in almost any size format. With a life expectancy of more than a hundred years!

Ideally, putting artwork in your environment that moves your soul and makes you smile whenever you see it will stand the test of time. You may spend more than a discount store décor item, but it won’t end up in next years garage sale for pennies.

These ideas are great for the home, but what graces your office or business walls?
The same attitude can apply in regard to the business and its mission and interests. For the sake of appealing to a larger cross section of society, abstract art pieces in waiting rooms and large public areas are often used as individuals will see what they want to see.

Imagery that honors the employees and co-workers can stir a greater appreciation for their jobs. Annual awards, photos of company picnics, images of products, buildings and property are great for common areas and can further instill pride. Personal art preferences allowed in individual offices can be a wonderful way to abate the possible lack of sunshine, and certainly looks and feels better than blank white walls! This could represent a minor investment in the long run for the psychological health of any business.